Club Constructions Community


Club Constructions Community

Club Constructions is a series of releases built for and dedicated to the club dancefloor. Since launching in 2012 with L-VIS 1990's inaugural volume the series has really taken on a life of its own.

The releases have been varied - from the rubbery hard house of L-Vis' volume, to the halfstep of LIL SILVA, the high tech warehouse Club of JAM CITY, to the piston-powered techno of HYSTERICS, to HELIX's ferocious blastbeats and KW GRIFF's endothermic Bmore anthem 'Bring In The Katz'.

Every release in the series so far has been unique but all of them loosely fit a set of criteria, defined early on by L-Vis and Bok Bok: for want of a better descriptions, a sort of Club Constructions 'Manifesto'.

Most CC releases have already broken at least one of its rules. The 'manifesto' should not be taken as dogma. It's more a set of directions towards a certain feel and a framework for curating ideas.

Night Slugs has until now been something of a closed circle, but we are opening up in the name of community, something we feel is lacking from our increasingly partizan music scene. We are doing this by publishing the criteria for what makes a Club Construction, and making an open invitation to contribute.

Club music is our foundation. We want to start a structured dialog, encourage and support new talent, connect with like-minded producers, and cultivate a platform for this emerging sound.

This is not a contest or a PR stunt. This is a genuine reaction to the way the CC series has developed, the music around us and the demos we receive. This is an attempt to share some of the label's culture.

CCC is currently an open-ended project and we don't know yet whether it will lead to new signings, EP or compilation releases, or simply to new friends and shared ideas. Please submit your Club Constructions and lets find out together!

- Night Slugs, April 2014



Tracks are as raw and stripped back as possible, built around one simple idea

Production is gritty and driven. Saturation is encouraged

No melody (3 notes or less)

Tracks are stripped of emotive artefacts, they are not for escapism. They are grounded in the club

Reverb, FX and sound design reflect their environment: small, dark basements or warehouses. Short reverbs are encouraged.

Vocals or vocal samples to be used only if INTEGRAL




Small print

Any tracks submitted to us through CCC remain their creators' property until anything else is discussed. Nothing will ever be released to the public without consent from its creator.

Take your time.

Please be sure to tag / label your files with your artist name and contact details.

Submit as much or little as you want.

Only CCC-related submissions please!

We endeavour to review everything that is submitted to us through CCC.

We will contact you.